Ludington Library

5. S. Bryn Mawr Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
(610) 525-1776

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Monday – Tuesday (12pm-7pm)
Wednesday – Thursday (12pm-6pm)
Friday (11am-5pm)
Saturday (10am-1pm)
Sunday – Closed

Ludington Library

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Ludington Library






Robyn Langston, Head Librarian

Ludington is the largest of the 6 Lower Merion Libraries. After a recent renovation, it re-opened in 2012 with three and a half floors of materials, meeting rooms, computers, wireless access, used books for sale, an art gallery with rotating collections from local schools and artists, and a green roof. It offers special areas for business materials, for health and wellness, gardening and landscaping, arts and crafts, cooking, traveling, and home remodeling.
Ludington owns over 120,000 adult and children’s books, almost 16,000 DVDs and over 18,000 audio books and music cds to check out or enjoy in the library. Circulation is over half-a-million a year.

Programming is an important focus at Ludington and over 400 programs a year are held for the enjoyment and education of children, young adults and adults. There is something for everyone from toddlers through octogenarians.
There is even a small collection of specialized cake/baking pans that can be checked out.

Ludington turned 100 years old in 2016. Click here for a brief history.