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Getting an LMLS Library Card

Upon registration, all residents and/or non-residents must sign a Lower Merion Library System responsibilities consent form. Children under the age of 18 must have the signature of a parent or guardian on this form. A copy of the LMLS Privacy Policy will be offered with the new or updated registration.

The person whose name appears on a library card is responsible for all materials checked out on that card. Adults who sign the registration form for juveniles are responsible for materials checked out on the juvenile’s card. If a library card is lost or stolen, that fact must be reported to the library so that the lost or stolen card may be invalidated. All items checked out prior to the date the card is reported lost or stolen are still the responsibility of the library user. LMLS deems library users who allow third persons to use their library cards or library account information to have consented to the access of their private and confidential library use records by the recipients of their cards or account information.

a. Residents
All Lower Merion residents are entitled to borrowing privileges at the six Township libraries. There is no minimum age to obtain a borrower’s card. Residents under the age of 18 will be issued a card with a juvenile status after receiving his/her parent or guardian’s consent.  Patrons must complete a patron registration form after supplying identification that provides a current and permanent address within the Township. Photo identification is
preferable. Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Deed or Lease
  • Current Utility bill with Property Address
  • Driver’s License/Registration
  • Pennsylvania Identification Card
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Current Checking Account Statement with Property Address
  • School ID (K-12)
  • Passport plus identification showing address in Lower Merion

College students are considered Lower Merion residents as long as they live on the campus of a Lower Merion college or university, or if they live off campus within Lower Merion Township. College students must show a piece of canceled mail addressed to them at their Lower Merion address or college dorm in addition to their photo ID if that ID shows a different home address.

Au Pairs or foreign exchange students may register for a card if they have a photo ID and a piece of canceled mail addressed to them at their Lower Merion host family residence.

Temporary residents, those residing in Lower Merion Township for a period less than 6 months, are not issued library cards. However, they will be eligible for guest passes to use the library system’s computers.

b. Non-Residents
The Lower Merion Library System is a member of the Montgomery County Library and Information Network Consortium (MCLINC). If a non-resident of Lower Merion Township who is covered by a MCLINC library wishes to register with Lower Merion instead of at their home library, a temporary MCLINC card can be issued which is valid for 60 days. The patron’s permanent library card will then be issued from their home library. For other non-residents of Lower Merion Township who reside in Pennsylvania, the Access Pennsylvania Program, also known as the Statewide Library Card Program,
entitles them to borrowing privileges at participating public libraries. The Lower Merion Library System is a fully participating member of the Access Pennsylvania Program. Non-residents must have a current and valid library card from their home library with the blue Access Pennsylvania sticker on it before they can register at a Lower Merion library. The registration procedure is then the same as above, except that they will not receive a Lower Merion library card.

Non-residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may receive a card upon the presentation of valid identification and the payment of an $80 annual fee. You areexempt from paying the non-resident fee if you are:

  • A person who owns residential or business property in Lower Merion
  • A student attending a public/private Lower Merion school (K-12)
  • A teacher in any public/private Lower Merion school (K-12)

These patrons may receive a card without a PA Access sticker for a period of one year or to the end of the academic year for teachers and students.

c. Online Library Card Registration for Residents
Lower Merion residents have the option to register for a library card online through Residents will fill out an online form with their address, contact information, and other pertinent information, which will be forwarded to the appropriate LMLS library. Upon receipt and processing of the application, library staff will contact the applicant with their library card barcode and password/pin. Online registration could take up to three or four days. Lower Merion residents may opt to pick up their library card at their designated home library at the circulation desk with appropriate identification or have their library card mailed. Library cards issued from online applications will expire in two months. It is the
responsibility of the patron to confirm their address and contact information at the library in person within two months of receiving their card.