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Wireless network is called “StopandGo”

Thank you for using the LMLS wireless system.  Please be sure that your browser is set up correctly to use the LMLS wireless network.

Disclaimer: Patrons use the wireless network at their own risk.  Virus protection and security settings are the user’s responsibility.  LMLS is not responsible for damages due to unforeseen events or incorrect, insufficient, incomplete or inadequate security or anti-virus protection.

 Acceptable Use Policy page

Basic Guidelines

  • To use the LMLS wireless network you must abide by the LMLS Internet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You can connect to our network with your wireless device using 802.11b, g or n wireless cards.
  • LMLS does not provide wireless cards nor do we assist with configuring your device for wireless access.
  • LMLS filters wireless Internet access in compliance with federal CIPA requirements. Unfiltered wireless access is not currently available.*
  • Wireless access is available during library hours only.

LMLS Wireless Configuration & Network Settings

  • Access to the LMLS Stop and Go wireless network no longer requires WEP Security.  This means that your default wireless connection settings should allow you to connect to “Stop and Go“.  The first time you visit you will need to “View Available Wireless Networks” and then Connect to “Stop and Go“.
  • Configure your wireless network connection so that Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is set to “DHCP enabled” or “Obtain an IP address automatically.” This is a default configuration and may already be done for you.
  • DNS settings should be “Obtain a DNS address automatically”. This is also a default configuration and may already be done for you.
  • It may be necessary to disable your personal firewall.

Important Note: You are unable to click on the Auto Detect radio button if the “Copy Proxy Settings” box is checked. This box is found at the bottom of the Settings screen. Uncheck that box in order to to click on Auto Detect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Why can’t I see the wireless network at all, my computer does not detect it?

Answer:  Make sure the wireless adapter is enabled.  Go to Programs-Settings-Control Panel and open Network Connections Looking for the “Wireless Network Connection”.  Some laptops have a hardware on/off switch for the wireless adapter on the laptop.  Example, Toshiba Laptops have a wireless switch along the edge (front or sides) of the keyboard portion of the laptop.  There will be an LED indicator with a wireless symbol near the switch.  Check to see if a switch exists and that the card is not switched off.  The symbol on the hardware for the wireless card may look like an antenna with waves coming out of the left and right side, such as (((¡))).

NOTE:  When you are finished using the LMLS wireless network make sure you remove the manual proxy server setting.  Either change the setting to “Auto-detect” (if available) or “direct connect to Internet”.  You must de-select the option for using a specific proxy server or you will not be able to browse on the Internet in another network.

Question:  I have a poor signal and cannot connect, but I usually have no problem.

Answer:  If you are usually connected to the Stop and Go network in a different part of the building it could be that your wireless connection is not transitioning to the closest wireless access point.  Right click on the wireless icon in the system tray of your computer (Bottom right hand corner).  Select Repair from the list of menu options.  You will see the connection reinitialize and the connection should now associate itself with the nearest access point.